Behind the seams

Behind the seams


The Drezzunique collection is about first impression, but it is also about you feeling comfortable and confident. It is designed to reflect a modern, creative and feminine lifestyle using beautiful handpicked fabrics that are carefully crafted to make you stand out and express who you are.

Each item is locally produced in the Netherlands in very limited numbers, meaning you will be wearing a unique item with which you can distinguish yourself. The Drezzunique vison is to make your (first) impression a memorable one and make you more unique!



The collection of Drezzunique is made of handpicked quality fabrics and carefully finished to high standards.



Drezzunique stands for honest fashion and therefor all items are consciously made in the Netherlands. The fabrics are sourced in Europe. The items are produced in small numbers in order to keep the waste as low as possible and to keep the collection exclusive.



Personal Styling
It is not just what you wear, but also how and what you wear with it!  

Karina Klaassen is known for her individual style and beautiful colour combinations. If you want personal advice on what style suits you the most and how to combine items from your wardrobe she can also give you personal styling advice (in the Netherlands). Would you like to know more? You can call or e-mail Drezzunique.

Tailor made
On special request items can be produced exclusively for you.  If you are interested in a tailor made option, please contact Drezzunique.

T +31 (0) 647197523.

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